Our Exec

Meet the volunteers that make up our VRC Jokers Executive Committee.

Tasha King: Chairperson

I love being a Joker because of the wonderful community. It is incredible to watch and be a part of friendships developing and lives changing as a result of our community.

Karen Gray: Women's Captain

I have been a Joker for five years and this is my first season as Women's Captain. Originally from Sydney Australia, I'm often inappropriately competitive, sometimes wear my uniform for 24 hours after the big win, I LOVE a straight big smash off a short corner. I'm still searching for the illusive flat stick tackle! I relish beers after the game, and training drills that involve hitting the ball really hard. PM ms for more info about Women’s League this season!

Gavin O'Halloran: Men's Captain

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I'm beginning my fifth year as a Joker. I enjoy the wide mix of nationalities in the club, and my favourite thing about the Jokers is having a beer on the sideline after a well earned victory.

Amelia Hamilton: Membership Secretary

I have been a Joker for one year, playing defensive rock for Div. 4 women. This is my first time on the executive, as Membership Secretary for the 2019/2020 season.

Sophie Pilkington: Secretary

My name is Sophie Pilkington and I am the Secretary to the Jokers Exec. I was a hanger-on around the sidelines and a wise woman said to me, “Soph, why don’t you just have a go, you know it doesn’t matter”. So that’s what I did and then 7 years later here I am with more orange in my closet that a Halloween fetishist. I joined awesome 5's, volunteer as their Team Rep, and found my home with a bunch of like-minded crazy ladies who know how to have Serious Fun!

Sarah Jardine: Board of Directors Representative

Originally a Pom, but spent the last decade + in NZ. I started playing hockey again in 2014 after I spotted the Field Hockey sign at the Clubhouse, on a bike ride around the sea wall. I'd played at school but not since, however the Jokers made me so welcome I stuck with it and have never looked back. Last year I switched from an outfield player to playing in net, which is the second best hockey decision I've made after joining this club! Other than hockey, I love socialising, G&Ts, and any sport that sees you hurtling downhill at speed.

Lesley Hamilton: Treasurer

My name is Lesley Hamilton. Outside of my day job playing with spreadsheets, I am an avid runner who coaches new runners on weekends. I enjoy good food and travelling the world. When not found in Vancouver, I can usually be located somewhere in Ireland. Good beer and wine pair well with myself and a charcuterie platter. Fun fact: I own a sausage gun and I know how to use it. Tread carefully when asking about that budget, kids...”

Sion Cahoon: Co-Social Director

I started with the Jokers in 2015, and have played forward for the 5’s, 4’s and 3’s. I grew up in BC and have been playing field hockey pretty much my entire life. In the ‘off season’, you can usually find me at the club, at the beach, or on the field!

Kerri Crowley: Co-Social Director

I've been a Joker since moving to Vancouver from Ireland in 2014 where I instantly found a home-away-from-home and some of the greatest people I've ever met. Having never played field hockey before becoming a Joker, I’ve now played almost every position except goalie for the 5’s and 4’s, including assistant coach during a brief recovery season. Off the turf you'll likely find me at the club or hanging out with my friends' dogs!

Meredith Elliott: Communications Manager

I have been a Joker since 1989. I believe everyone and their opinions are important, doubly so if they think it’s time for a beer!

Tim Pilkington: Equipment Manager

This will be my 10th season with the Jokers. I’m a player, coach, and umpire. I’ve been on the Exec as Men’s Captain, Secretary, and now Equipment Manager.

Rodan Gopaul-Singh: Member at Large

I've been a Joker since the 90's, and my father played for the Jokers long before that. I enjoy being part of a club made up of true ambassadors of the game and love the fun we have on and off the field. I look forward to more games, tours, drinks and laughs.

Jonny Heath: Member at Large

Northern English lad, entering my 3rd season with the Jokers! Mostly playing for Part Deux and attending all the social functions

Joel King: Member at Large

I'm the poster boy for the VRC Jokers! I play field hockey... sometimes. I'm on the exec... sometimes. Ladies, I like short walks on a long beach, fireball and dancing the Macarena with Ambrose. I can usually be found at the club with at least one packet of Miss Vickie's Original in hand... to share, of course!